Past Exhibition-Sculpture Exhibition by Zheng Lu (Oct.24th - Nov.21th)-Shanghai Gallery of J Art
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Sculpture Exhibition by Zheng Lu (Oct.24th - Nov.21th)


Born into a family of literary tradition, Zheng Lu naturally includes Chinese characters as a medium for his artistic production. From collage of indeterminate meaning to the search for a text¨s historical and sociological meaning inherent in characters, the past seven years saw him first engaged in paintings and characters and then devoted wholly to texts, but a sense of intellectual tragedy was always on his mind. Aiming to refresh his memory of the elder generations in his family, who used to work in the literary circle, he entitled his solo to be held at J Art Gallery Constellations Shen and Shang, which, as a title, adds a sentimental quality to his works.  
One rising and the other falling, shen and shang, two stars in the west and east respectively, never meet. As a title, Shen and Shang is metaphoric of the contradiction intellectuals finds themselves in, the large gap between ideal and reality along with the loss of balance between ambition and     responsibility. The exhibition is to present his latest works displayed in harmony with the exhibition space. With the unique artistic conception, such arrangement is to give some insights to the audience who can thus relax a bit in their progress driven by some irresistible forces.    
^Ink ̄ dominates the whole exhibition with its sentimentality reminiscent of blood. Mayfly, a field work, is based on several ink traces on the gallery wall, each fitted with a pair of wings on which was written a poem by the adolescent Zheng Lu. The characters are embedded in the texture of the delicate and thin wings which, in combination with the implication of its transient life, arouses more sentimentality. Hero is fashioned of an old-fashioned ink bottle branded ^hero ̄. Two characters signifying ^hero ̄ engraved on the bottle, an apparatus inside the podium repeatedly spilling, from the space between the two letters, ink which in its turn drips onto the podium, the process repeats. Similarly, Emptiness draws on ink as well, which is the outcome of his spiritual encounter with the Japanese artist Inoue Yu-ichi. His calligraphy inspired him so much that Zheng Lu immediately decided to make the calligrapher¨s work on paper threeCdimensional and more personal. Inoue Yu-ichi¨s way of life and pursuit of pure life greatly influenced him. It is in fact the core of Constellations Shen and Shang, as is written by the haiku poets Nagata.


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